Birmingham hosts disease symposium, turkey hunt begins tomorrow and Gulf states talk red snapper

Mar 16, 2015

Dr. Bruce Korf, chairman of UAB's Department of Genetics

Experts on rare childhood diseases will be meeting in Birmingham today.

UAB and Children’s of Alabama are hosting a symposium on diseases that hit two hundred thousand or fewer patients a year. Those illnesses are considered rare. The symposium will be in commemoration of last month’s Rare Disease Day to raise awareness for rare diseases.

Dr. Bruce Korf is the chairman of the Department of Genetics at UAB. He says part of their mission is public outreach.

“We have a mission in the Center for Genomic Medicine to help to integrate genetics and genomics across the entire spectrum of medical practice. And aside from taking care of patients and conducting research, we do believe that public and professional education is part of our mission.”

The symposium is being held at Children’s Hospital in the Children’s Harbour building today starting at 8:30 AM.

The Alabama one-shot turkey hunt is scheduled to begin tomorrow.

A statement from Gov. Robert Bentley's office says the hunt includes celebrities, industry leaders, prospective job creators and more and the event is meant to showcase Alabama as a business-friendly state with nature-based recreation opportunities.

Officials say the hunt's proceeds will help fund scholarships promoting natural resource and wildlife studies at Auburn University and the University of Alabama.

Bentley says 75 people are expected to participate in this year's hunt.

States along the Gulf of Mexico have come to an agreement regarding potential changes to the regulation of red snapper fishing in the Gulf.

Alabama has joined with Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Florida to submit a proposal to the federal government about the regulations. Extremely tight federal catch limits have been a subject of intense debate.

The proposal will make each state on the Gulf responsible for managing red snapper fishing off its own coast, in both state and federal waters. A supervisory agency would also be created, made up of fisheries managers from each state. Louisiana U.S. Senator David Vitter has submitted a bill to the Senate to give the gulf states the authority to manage their own red snapper fisheries.

Federal regulators say they haven't yet had a chance to review the proposal.

The University of Alabama's men's basketball team will be playing in the postseason, but it'll be without their head coach.

Anthony Grant was fired yesterday after six seasons coaching the Crimson Tide. He led the team to the NCAA Tournament in 2012 as well as two trips to the National Invitation Tournament, in 2011 and 2013. Grant concludes his Alabama coaching career with a record of 117 wins, 85 losses.

Alabama received an NIT bid again this year. They'll play Illinois tomorrow night in Tuscaloosa. An interim head coach has yet to be named.

Alabama isn't the only school in the state to see postseason basketball. The UAB Blazers are a 14 seed in the NCAA tournament. They'll face Iowa State in the first round Thursday afternoon in Louisville.