Fourth of July Pet Safety

Jul 1, 2017

Patriotic dog!
Credit Natalie Maynor [Flickr]

We humans enjoy sharing things with our pets, but some things that are part of our celebrations can actually harm our furry friends.  Making an emergency trip to the veterinarian's office is no way to celebrate Independence Day! 


The Fourth of July is this coming Tuesday, but folks have already begun celebrating Independence Day. I know because I can hear the occasional fireworks that make my pets nervous. Once again, has published its Top Ten Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips. My list pretty much agrees with theirs.

The list starts with a reminder to keep your pet indoors at all times. Even a pet that spends most of its time outdoors can be frightened by the noisy exploding fireworks. An animal in panic mode may decide to jump or climb the fence, chew through a wood gate or crash through a glass door. And if you decide to attend a fireworks show, make sure your best friend is safely at home, away from the crowds and the noise.

This weekend check your pet’s collar for proper identification, such as your name and phone number, just in case it manages to get out. A microchip is a permanent ID, and can be a good backup to help you reunite with your best friend should the collar accidentally come off.

Other suggestions for pet safety include what not to give your pet, such as certain foods – like chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins – and alcoholic beverages, including beer; they are toxic to pets and can cause brain and organ damage, even death.

Did you know your pet can get sunburned? It’s true! Especially on the nose, ears, even its belly; and animals with a light or thin coat or who have been shaved for the summer, are very susceptible. Use a sunscreen product made for your type of pet.

Insect repellant is another good idea, but again, use one labeled specifically for your pet. Do not use products on your furry buddy that are made for humans. They could make your pet sick, or worse.

For the complete list of ways to protect your pet this holiday, visit the website at and check out their Top Ten Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips. With a little care and some common sense, your best friend will stay safe and sound – and ready to help you celebrate all the special times to come, when you’re speaking of pets.