Gov. Ivey Releases Doctor's Letter

May 10, 2018

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey

In a response to her primary challengers, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has released a letter from her doctor saying the 73-year-old governor is in "excellent health."

Ivey's campaign released the letter yesterday after her challengers indirectly made a political issue of the frontrunner's age and health.

In the brief letter from Dr. Brian Elrod of Montgomery, the doctor wrote that he sees "no medical issues that would prevent her from fulfilling her obligations as governor."

State Sen. Bill Hightower, who is 58, said the state needs a governor who is "vigorous" and can complete the term. Hightower released a copy of his recent medical tests and urged other candidates to do the same.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle and evangelist Scott Dawson have also released letters from their doctors.

Hightower complained yesterday that the letter provides little actual information about Ivey's health. He says he's "glad Kay has decided to release a letter" but expected more details.

Ivey, who turns 74 in the fall, would be among the oldest governors to take office in Alabama if elected in November.