Carnival cruise ship docks in Mobile for crew vaccinations

13 hours ago
Carnival Sensation cruise ship


Carnival is docking a cruise ship in Mobile to allow its crew members to be vaccinated.

The Sensation will dock on Friday and staff members from USA Health will board to provide first doses to 110 workers on the ship. The cruiser will then retrun in three weeks for employees to receive their second doses.

Cheers! Alabama governor signs limited wine delivery bill

14 hours ago
wine crate


Wine deliveries will soon be hitting the stoops of Alabamians.

Gov. Kay Ivey signed a law that allows wineries to obtain direct wine shipping licenses from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and ship limited amounts of wine to residents 21 years and older. Wine-of-the-month clubs are also allowed, but only if they are through the producer and not a retailer. 

The bill by Republican Rep. Terri Collins was approved after years of debate.

Kids 12 and up eligible for COVID-19 vaccine in Alabama

May 13, 2021


Children in Alabama age 12 and older are now eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

Gov. Kay Ivey said that widespread vaccinations are the key to ending the pandemic and that parents can talk to their child's doctor if they have any questions.

The federally approved Pfizer vaccine will be available at private providers and other sites already using the innoculation. Vaccine providers can by found by brand listed on

Lofty memories at the Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival

May 13, 2021
APR's Guy Busby

An APR news feature

People in south Baldwin County had a chance last weekend to see a colorful display of more than 50 hot air balloons taking to the skies around Foley. Many of the balloonists taking part came from around the country for a chance to fly, display their aircraft and get together with old friends.

Tethered balloons lifted off the ground just after dawn last Friday at the start of the Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival. After being called off last year during the pandemic, pilots and visitors flocked to the OWA Amusement Park.


Alabama and the rest of the East Coast are waiting for the Colonial Pipeline to fully get back to normal operations following a cyberattack. 

The pipeline is once again running at full service this morning after being shut down Friday, but the operator of the company says it will take about two weeks for gasoline stored in Houston to reach East Coast filling stations.

Steven Polunsky is the Director of the Alabama Transportation Policy Research Center.  He says this cyberattack is very unusual because the hackers weren’t looking to hurt the economy.

Ivey urges people not to hoard fuel after pipeline attack

May 12, 2021


Gov. Kay Ivey is asking Alabamians not to hoard gas after a cyberattack on one of the country's largest pipelines.

The governor urged that the state does not have a fuel shortage but panic buying from gas stations could create one.

A spokesperson for the governor said the U.S. Department of Energy is sure the pipeline would be operational in just a few days.

Ivey said people should only fill up with gas if they need to and to avoid filling up multiple containers with fuel.

Lake Lanier
Molly Samuel (WABE)

A collaboration between Alabama Public Radio, WFSU and WABE

The disagreements over water between Florida, Georgia and Alabama aren't over even though earlier this year the U.S. Supreme Court sided with Georgia. The states have been arguing for decades with Florida and Alabama accusing Georgia of using too much water.

A plan was put forth six years ago by people who say there is a way to find agreement between the states.


Fuel industry analysts say unwarranted panic-buying among drivers is following the shutdown of a cyberattack shutdown of a major pipeline, which is going into fifth day. The Colonial pipeline runs from the Texas Gulf Coast to the New York metropolitan area. The states most dependent on the pipeline include Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas.



Minorities are still being hospitalized and dying from COVID-19 at higher rates than whites.  

The National Institute of Health is sending Community Engagement Alliance groups to support local efforts to get people vaccinated.

Dr. Gary Gibbons is the director of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. He said they’re using people already in the communities to help gain the trust of anyone who might be hesitating about getting vaccinated.  


Alabama is giving the axe to all the federal pandemic unemployment compensation programs, including the additional $300 federal unemployment benefit.  

Gov. Kay Ivey said she believes the increased unemployment assistance intended to bring emergency relief during the pandemic is now contributing to a labor shortage. 


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