University of Alabama Students Join the Fight Against Climate Change

14 hours ago
APR Student Reporter Tina Turner

Today millions of people across the world are participating in the Global Climate change Strike. Nearly a hundred UA students crowded around the steps of Denny Chimes with posters in hand that read things like respect your mother, our planet matters and Business as usual equals death. 

Natalie Miller is a student and the Director of Sustainability in Greek life, dining and dorms. She says it is good to see so many people show up for the strike.

Vigil for fallen officer draws hundreds in Tuscaloosa

Sep 19, 2019

(TUSCALOOSA, AL)-- As the sun set in a sky that was determined to stay blue until turning black, hundreds gathered at Government Plaza to honor the life of fallen Tuscaloosa police officer Dornell Cousette.

Cousette was killed while on duty Monday while serving a warrant at the home of a wanted man. The 40-year-old leaves behind a fiance and two daughters. 

The City of Tuscaloosa hosted a vigil for Cousette on Thursday at which fellow officers, family members and government officials spoke and shared their sentiments about their comrade.

(TUSCALOOSA, AL)-- Tuscaloosa Police Officer Dornell Cousette was shot and killed in the line of duty on Monday. Cousette was a beloved member of the community, with a reputation as a heroic and trustworthy officer.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announced Thursday that she will receive treatment for a malignant spot on her lung.

The 74-year-old Republican governor said the spot was discovered in a routine exam and was later confirmed to be what she called a tiny, isolated malignancy.

Ivey said she will travel Friday for an outpatient procedure at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and then will undergo radiation treatments.

"The good news is I am one of the fortunate ones where this was discovered early, and it is very treatable," Ivey said in a statement.


“How long does it take for the pimps to build that relationship with the victims before they actually make their move and bring them into sex trafficking?” asks Keisha Grice of Tuscaloosa.

“My question would be electronics being allowed in the schools, that allows kids access that wouldn’t otherwise have, what do we do about that?” asks Laura Jernigan of Tuscaloosa.

Readers please note this story contains content of an adult nature that might not be suitable for all ages.

“Seeing Steve stand over him like he was beating him like he was…I can feel every thump that went across his body. Billy Jack Gaither was finally dead.”

About a half dozen students are gathered at Auburn University’s campus in Montgomery watching the documentary “Assault on Gay America.” It tells the story of how Billy Jack Gaither was beaten to death with an axe handle. The message is, in Alabama, violence against gay people is not a hate crime.

Editor's note-- the following article contains material of an adult nature. Parents may want to consider whether it's appropriate for all ages.

“She was one of the most traumatized young females I think I’ve ever interviewed,” recalls Tuscaloosa Police Lieutenant Darren Beams. He runs the West Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force. Beams used to work homicide. He recalls the one case that convinced him trafficking was worse.

University of Alabama

A note to our readers, this article content of an adult nature, and may not be suitable for all ages.

Survivors of human trafficking in Alabama have advocates who work on their behalf. These people say they deal with a general public that seems at least uninformed about it. Then, there are the cultural stereotypes.

“That’s a great question, because I think there’s a big misnomer,” Christian Lim said. He’s leading a team at the University of Alabama’s School of Social Work on projects related to human trafficking in the state.

Editor's note to our readers--this article contains content of an adult nature that may not be appropriate for all ages.


A note to our readers, this article contains material of an adult nature.


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