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Goodbye From Bryant Park


We'll see how much work it has got around here today with Nathaniel and Cassie and Thomas and William running around…


I'm so proud that you remember their names. That's impressive.

STEWART: I like the kids.

BURBANK: That is it for this Monday edition of the BRYANT PARK PROJECT. Of course, we're never, never going to really leave you throughout the day because we're always available online at I just mentioned that.

STEWART: Ask me how I feel about them tomorrow? Head over there now for an exclusive video. They're weird, they're blue and they're taking care of your children.

Unidentified Male: One paradigm is that kids are empty cargo trains that need to be moved around and then filled up. And the other paradigm is kids are rockets, and you're just looking for the fuse.

STEWART: It's the Blue Man Group Creativity Center. We'll take a look inside the hottest new preschool in New York City. I'm Alison Stewart.

BURBANK: And I'm Luke Burbank. Thanks for listening to the BRYANT PARK PROJECT from NPR News. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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