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"Pay it Forward!" For your public radio station

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Pay it forward.  Alabama Public Radio listeners understand the concept.

Throughout the year you depend on APR for the very best in news, information and music. Your year-end contribution will keep intelligent, independent programming alive in the year ahead.

Alabama Public Radio is trying something new this December and we hope you'll help make it a success.

Throughout the holiday season, APR will be bringing you the programming you depend on--the very best in news, information, and music....uninterrupted by fundraising.

Our year end fund drive begins today. We're raising the dollars that help pay for the news and music you value...the programs that connect you to the world with in-depth reporting and information…and enrich your life with unforgettable stories, locally-hosted music and week-end entertainment.

This December you'll hear the programming you depend on...along with the holiday specials you enjoy. What you won't hear are on-air fundraising messages that interrupt programs.

That's a change. What won't change is the fact that your support is critical to keeping the programs you enjoy on the air. You understand that financial support from listeners is APR's most reliable source of funding. You also get the fact that we fundraise on air, through emails and our website because it's the cheapest and best way to ensure that your money goes where it should--paying for the programs you care about.

Thanks for your contribution to APR. Everything we do--the news, the music, every award and every milestone--happens because you make the decision to support what you use.

Elizabeth Brock
Center for Public Television and Radio

P.S. With your pledge of support  today, you will automatically be entered in our sweepstakes drawings. Good Luck!

Pat Duggins is news director for Alabama Public Radio.
News from Alabama Public Radio is a public service in association with the University of Alabama. We depend on your help to keep our programming on the air and online. Please consider supporting the news you rely on with a donation today. Every contribution, no matter the size, propels our vital coverage. Thank you.