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In International Name Only

Lance Reddick and Paul Rust on Ask Me Another.
Becca Brain Photography for NPR
Lance Reddick and Paul Rust on Ask Me Another.

Perhaps best known for playing Lt. Cedric Daniels on the HBO series The Wire, and for his stints on the iconic dramas Oz and Lost, Lance Reddick currently stars as another tough-as-nails police chief on Amazon's Bosch, and will appear in the post-apocalyptic thriller The Domestics. After conquering the world of drama, Reddick is due for a comedy break. "Goofing off is always better than working," he told host Ophira Eisenberg. "Both things are fun but I love doing comedy." Reddick will have plenty of time to joke around in his role on the upcoming Comedy Central series Corporate. But seriously, have you seen The Wire? You should really watch The Wire, it's great.

Writer and actor Paul Rust, on the other hand, has decided to balance his long career in comedy with some more comedy. As the co-creator (with his wife, Lesley Arfin) and co-star (with former AMA VIP Gillian Jacobs) of the Netflix series LOVE, Rust is interested in dissecting modern dating, relationships, and popular culture. "It's based on a couple we knew named Mork and Mindy," Rust joked. A former writer for Comedy Bang! Bang!, Rust has been very pleased with the response he's gotten for his first semi-clothed TV role. "I hear a lot of times, 'Ooh, he got a nice butt!'"

For their first trivia challenge, Reddick and Rust traveled all the way from Italy, Texas to Russia, Ohio with a quiz about foods that sound international but are actually from America.

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