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Dr Pepper surpasses Pepsi — is the 2nd-most-popular carbonated beverage in the U.S.


OK - one of the country's most famous doctors is getting some long-awaited recognition.


DAVID NAUGHTON: (Singing) I drink Dr Pepper, and I'm proud. I'm part of an original crowd, and if you look around...

MARTIN: Dr Pepper just surpassed Pepsi to become the second most popular carbonated beverage in America. Coca-Cola is still No. 1.

DUANE STANFORD: Coca-Cola classic has about 19% of the carbonated soft drink market in the U.S.


Duane Stanford is the editor and publisher of Beverage Digest.

STANFORD: So then in second place, you've got Dr Pepper, with an 8.3% share.

INSKEEP: Which is now a carbonated bubble or two ahead of Pepsi.


UNIDENTIFIED MUSICAL GROUP: (Singing) Dr Pepper - so misunderstood. It tastes different...

MARTIN: Now, Dr Pepper used to market itself as the plucky underdog of soft drinks, but it is actually older than Coke or Pepsi. It was invented in Waco, Texas, in 1885.

STANFORD: It started off as a regional brand in the Southwest, and it grew over the years, and it's the major national player.

INSKEEP: Which Duane Stanford credits to Dr Pepper's targeted marketing.

STANFORD: They've gone really big on college football. On any given weekend during the championship bowl series, you'll see Dr Pepper.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR #1: There you are - college football playoff trophy, presented by Dr Pepper. You are like the Greek god of trophies - classic.

INSKEEP: (Laughter).

MARTIN: I know. The soft drink also has a strong presence on TikTok, where Dr Pepper and pickles has become a thing. Here's TikToker Anna Grace Sims.

ANNA GRACE SIMS: The pickles are in there - I even put some pickle juice in there for good measure - and here goes the Dr Pepper. It's not bad. It's weird, but it's not bad.

INSKEEP: Now, that's a standard for you - weird...

MARTIN: I'll take her word for it.

INSKEEP: ...But not bad.


INSKEEP: Duane Stanford says Dr Pepper has gained ground also because of the choices by the rival it just passed.

STANFORD: Pepsi has invested more in their zero-sugar offerings, and not as much in Pepsi cola. They believe that's the future when it comes to carbonated soft drinks.

INSKEEP: So Pepsi cola's down, Dr Pepper is up - and Stanford anticipates Dr Pepper will stay in second place.

MARTIN: So cheers to Dr Pepper, but OK - the pickles. I...


MARTIN: The pickles.




NAUGHTON: (Singing) I'm a Pepper. He's a Pepper. She's a Pepper. We're a Pepper. Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper, too? Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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