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Alabama Judicial Court to rule on chief justice's ouster, Tuscaloosa DA named to new position

The fate of Alabama’s embattled Chief Justice now rests with the Court of the Judiciary. APR’s Alex AuBuchon has the latest from Montgomery.

Supporters of Chief Justice Roy Moore and gay rights advocates packed the steps of the Alabama Judicial Building this afternoon.

The state Court of the Judiciary heard oral arguments this afternoon in a case that could result in Moore’s removal from office.

Moore is accused of encouraging the state’s probate judges to defy a U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage.

Moore says he didn’t order the judges to do anything.

The Court says they’ll issue a ruling in the next few days. If they think a trial is necessary, it will be held September 28.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has appointed Tuscaloosa County’s District Attorney to the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Lyn Head will join the three-member board Sept. 6, and that Bentley will appoint someone to fill the district attorney position by then.

Head says the board has expanded its objective beyond monitoring paroled or pardoned offenders, and has started to set policies and create a program to further prisoner re-entry efforts.

Head has served as Tuscaloosa's district attorney since the governor appointed her in 2013.

Bentley chose Head over four other candidates nominated by a committee.

Health officials are offering free tuberculosis screenings today in Houston County.  The health department is encouraging anyone who may have visited any downtown Dothan nightclubs recently to get tested for T-B.

Pam Barrett is the Director for the Division of TB Control. She says that contracting TB is not just a casual thing, like the flu…

“You have to be in an enclosed area for an extended period of time to be able to catch TB from someone.  You know you have to be in enclosed area such as a small building or a small room for several hours, multiple times.”

The screening will be held today at the Houston County Health Department.  Treatment has been planned for those found with bacteria in their system.

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