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Rain, wintry mix, and freezing temperatures could make Alabama roads dangerous


Alabama motorists need to be on guard for icy streets between now and early Wednesday morning. That’s the warning from forecasters at the National Weather Service in Birmingham. Yesterday’s rain and wintry mix is combining with freezing temperatures all day today over central and northern Alabama.

National Weather Service forecaster Daniel Martin said Alabama drivers who aren’t used to slick streets need to be careful.

“It’s kind of uncommon now we have such a widespread freeze like this," Martin said. "And where it will impact a lot of roadways. So, certainly, the main thing is it’s important to slow down. I think when you’re not used to driving over ice, you tend to drive a little bit too fast.”

Martin said that the freezing temperatures will persists all day today and into tomorrow, so just because the sun is up doesn’t mean the threat of ice goes away. That applies not only to roads, but also to bridges which appear more at risk of icing up when it gets cold.

“With the lows below freezing across generally across the area, we do expect some impacts for travel, especially in the morning as folks head into work," he said. " So definitely take it slow in the morning. That’s the main thing.”

Martin said Alabama motorists should get a break by late Wednesday morning. That’s when high temperatures are expected to get back into the mid-forties. Things are expected to remain chilly over parts of the state for a while. Highs may not reach the sixties until next the weekend. It could stay chilly along the Tennessee valley until Tuesday.

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