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Alabama ranks low for 'staycations' in U.S.



Alabama is far more open this summer than last year during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. That means more vacation for some Alabamians. But others might be opting for a “staycation” or enjoying a vacation at home.  

The financial website WalletHub ranks the Yellowhammer State as one of the worst places for staycationers in terms of recreation, entertainment, rest and relaxation. 

Jill Gonzalez is an analyst with WalletHub. She says there are good and bad things about Alabama.  

“When it comes to things like summer weather, it gets very hot. That could be a deterrent for some people who want to get out rather than stay in,” Gonzalez said. “Cost looks pretty good. It’s a relatively cheap place to be, which is certainly a good thing for staycations. But there’s not as many options or places to go or things to do as there are in other cities.” 

Gonzalez said the low vaccination rate in Alabama is also a deterrent with some people worried about safety.

“So as far as keeping safe here in Alabama, I think we still have a lot to see in terms of vaccinations and COVID numbers,” Gonzalez said. “That’s one whole area that could use more awareness and could use improvement, I think for people to better their staycation.”  

Huntsville had the best ranking across the board at number 82 out of 200 cities. Mobile came in at number 99. Birmingham took the 148 ranking. Montgomery was the lowest ranking Alabama city at  number 177.