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4th of July means more fireworks and more wildfires


Even though the 4th of July weekend has come and gone, some people may still be playing with fire.  

The Alabama Forestry Commission urges everyone to practice safety when around leftover fireworks and charcoal grills. Despite the wet summer, cookouts and fireworks still increase the chances of wildfires.      

Brad Lang is the State Training and Safety Director for the Commission. He said it is important for landowners to be aware of weather conditions and be alert when shooting fireworks or using charcoal grills.    

“When you get that situation where a landowner’s burning and not understanding the weather at which they’re experiencing, it can catch them a little off guard and their fires will get out of control,” he said. 

Lang said man-made fires are the most common cause of wildfires and landowners need to be prepared to keep their property safe.    

“Essentially it’s just making sure that you have a good protection around your home and you’re doing what you can do to lessen the effects of a fire that wants to approach your home,” he said.

Lang recommends that people avoid shooting fireworks and dumping hot coal near dry grass and leaves. If you set leftover fireworks off over grass, soak the area first and have a garden hose or bucket nearby. When disposing of fireworks, place them in water before putting them in a trash can. Before disposing charcoal make sure they have cooled completely.  If a fire does start, call 9-1-1 instead of attempting to fight it yourself.  

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