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Study: Alabama has more to worry about than a poor COVID-19 vaccination rate


A new study says Alabama is among the ten least safe states in the country for COVID-19. The finance website WalletHub examined the state’s hospitalizations and deaths, and its vaccination rate. Alabama currently ranks at the bottom for the number of residents who’ve had their shots. Jill Gonzalez is a data analyst for WalletHub. She says she is concerned about how long it will take before the unvaccinated realize they need to roll up their sleeves.

“You know, I think it might take first or second person accounts to realize that, you know, COVID isn’t a hoax and that it certainly is a real thing,” contended Gonzales. “And you hate to see that kind of line up with back-to-school season, when kids or grandparents of kids who are going back to school might have to fall victim to that.”

The Alabama Department of Public Health reports that 11,600 State residents have died of COVID, and only twenty six of those were vaccinated. Its current coronavirus caseload has tripled over the past two weeks. Wallethub analyst Jill Gonzales says an effort to vaccinate the state could boost Alabama’s economy.

“The lower COVID-19 transmission and deaths are in a state, the fewer restrictions there might be to come, and more confidence is what people and consumers will have to shop in person, to dine in person, to gather and give business to the economy.” She said.

WalletHub ranks Vermont as the safest state in the country with Louisiana being the highest risk state.

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