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Alabama parents and teachers reminded to report children who test positive for COVID.


Alabama parents and teachers will have a little homework to do as students resume classes after Labor Day. The State Department of Education is reminding everyone to follow specific protocols to report when a student tests positive for COVID-19. Over nine thousand new coronavirus infections were reported in Alabama schools just last week. Over fifty of these pediatric COVID cases required hospitalization. Doctor Karen Landers is with the Alabama Department of Health. She says the concern is over parents who send their children back to class even when they know their youngster has COVID

“If a child tests positive for COVID, really again, the parent needs to speak with their medical provider over the phone…their medical home over the phone,” Landers insists.”And get instructions from your doctor.”

Landers is worried over parents who see minor symptoms of the respiratory spread illness in their child, but fail to consult their doctor or warn school officials. The Alabama Department of Public Health says the current surge of COVID cases in schools represents a seven hundred percent surge compared to the same week last year. Doctor Scott Harris is Alabama’s Chief Health Officer. He says wearing masks in class remains a bone of contention with some parents.

“Nobody’s out there sending me hate mail over us telling their kids to wash their hands, But, that’s also part of our guidance. Trying space kids as far apart as you can reasonably do is an important part of our strategy," said Harris. "Again, nobody’s up in arms over that.”

Harris also reminds parents that people who are vaccinated for COVID-19 are less likely to spread the virus to others. The current Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson products are currently allowed for people over the age of twelve. Alabama’s 9,000 school based COVID cases last week means that in-school infections more than doubled from the week before.

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