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Lemonade Day to teach Eastern Shore kids small business skills


The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce is bringing Lemonade Day to Alabama.

Lemonade Day is a national program that aims to teach kids about entrepreneurship and finances. In November, kids in the Eastern Shore cities of Daphne, Fairhope and Spanish Fort will be trying their hand at their own small business: a lemonade stand.

Casey Williams is the President of the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce. She said that the Lemonade Day program helps teach kids financial literacy, and what it takes to start a business.

“This is an entrepreneurial small business training course, so you have a workbook that takes you through how to plan your business, how to set goals, how to finance your business, and how to develop a true profit and loss,” Williams said.

Williams also said that Lemonade Day helps kids apply the things they learn in school in a real-world scenario.

“This is just life skills, and certainly math and science, creativity all goes into this," she said. "This is an application of math, and it can be fun and it shows how you might use those things that you use in school.”

Participating students team up with local sponsors and mentors to find funding and venues for their small business. Registration for the event is open until Sept. 10. Children in third through sixth grade are eligible to sign up. Kids will have two months to get their business plans together before Lemonade day on Nov. 6.

To register for the program as entrepreneur, a sponsor, or a business partner, visit: https://lemonadeday.org/coastal-alabama

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