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Exotic cats recaptured after escaping home, roaming Alabama


Two wildcats that were reported missing from a Huntsville exotic pet store last week have been found.

Lacey Herring, the owner of 256Exotics, posted on Facebook that two African Servals had dug their way out of the barn they were being held in on Sept 12. The post has since been deleted after attracting attention from local news outlets and ‘Tiger King’ documentary star Carole Baskin, who said that these African Servals need to be in a big cat sanctuary instead of a pet store.

An employee of 256Exotics confirmed that the cats were recaptured on Wednesday. The employee did not say how the cats were caught. The 256Exotics Facebook page has posted a video of two African Servals playing in an indoor space with the caption “Neo and Janice are happy to be home safe.”

Alabama is one of 18 states that doesn’t require a license to own an African Serval.