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Food shortages affect school systems statewide

Making breakfast

A school district in Alabama has asked parents to feed breakfast to their children at home due to food shortages.

Alexander City Schools posted a Facebook post on Saturday explaining to parents that they have not received food deliveries from their vendors and are trying to open accounts with other vendors “in an attempt to diversify our supply options." The school system had 2,870 students last year, 65% of which were enrolled in free and reduced-price meals.

Suppliers are reportedly short on supplies and employees due to the pandemic. State officials say that every school district in the state is dealing with these shortages to some degree, with Dothan City Schools warning parents that “we may… ask that you prepare to have virtual/remote school days a few days out of the week to alleviate the stress of our food supplies.”

The USDA announced in September that it would invest $1.5 billion to help schools feed students, but information on how and when those funds would be dispersed has not been made available.