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Registration for Dothan lifeguard classes coming to a close


The opportunity to register for Dothan lifeguard classes is soon expiring. The Dothan Leisure Services is also seeking applicants to lifeguard at local pools.

Organizers say the free classes are open to anyone 16 years or older, but registration will close on Monday, April 3rd. Any individual interested in serving the Dothan community is encouraged to sign up for a class now.

Jayci Sander is the Recreation Leader for the City of Dothan. She said there are several opportunities for applicants when it comes to registering for training classes.

“We have a brand-new class starting next week. It starts April 3rd, and it goes on until the 13th,” Sanders explained. “And then, we have another class after that and it’s April 17th through the 27th.”

Sanders said applicants do not need to have a background in swimming. Westgate Recreation Center provides registrants with the opportunity to practice their strokes.

“I would defiantly just encourage them to sign up for the class,” she explained. “If they are not the strongest swimmer, they can always come to the lap swims we offer at West Gate Competition Pool and practice the different strokes. Their freestyle and their breaststroke... to build up the stamina to be able to past the 300-yard swim test.”

There are several qualifications an individual must pass before becoming a certified lifeguard. According to Sanders, the training classes allow applicants to become familiar with the duties of being a lifeguard.

“To become a lifeguard, we typically have a two-week class. And within that class, there are a lot of hours in the classroom to go over: the lifeguard manual as well as the in-water portions,” she explained. “The in-water portion is going be to be going over all of the rescues and saves that the lifeguards will have. That could be active saves, passive saves.”

Sander said being a lifeguard is far more than monitoring pools all day.

“Lifeguards are going to be very important to pool safety to ensure that the patrons leave the park the same way that they came,” she explained. “The lifeguards are constantly scanning the pools to make sure everybody is having fun while they are still swimming.”

In addition, any already certified lifeguards are encouraged to apply now for open positions this summer. Applications, which are open to anyone 16-years-old or older, are being accepted today at

Gabriella Smith is a student intern with the Alabama Public Radio. She is a junior studying Creative Media at the University of Alabama. Gabbi has a passion for storytelling and editing content. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, cooking for herself and friends, and discovering new movies to watch.

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