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Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama runs annual recruitment promotion


The Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama is recruiting new members and running and annual recruitment promotion. The organization is offering 50% off membership dues for a year for new members and volunteers. The deal lasts until Friday, September 8.

The Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama has 5,000 members. Jackie Lucas, the director of marking and communications, said new members are joining every day.

“You can never have enough Girl Scouts. So, we are really looking forward to bringing on new members this fall and throughout this membership here,” Lucas said.

Lucas said Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama takes pride in building the confidence, courage and character of its members. Participants also have the opportunity to find what interests them through a wide variety that the organization offers.

“Girls get to find the things that interest them and pursue those activities. So, we have everything from camping and archery and hatchet throwing to robotics, and STEM and coding. It is really up to the girl to find that group of besties,” Lucas said.

Lucas said organization also focuses on community service and outreach and members are awarded for doing work.

“One of our parts of our law is to make the world a better place. And Girl Scouts do that by community service. We have a really cool thing that Girl Scouts has… Our higher awards program where girls can earn the gold, silver and bronze award for creating and executing community service projects,” she explained.

Lucas also said the special recruitment promotion is a benefit for people in the community who want to try being a Girl Scout or a volunteer.

“In the fall, we kick off our New Girl Scout year. Every year on October 1, is Girl Scout in a year. And we love to kick off with a recruitment drive so that we can reach girls in our communities that want to try something new and make their new best friends,” she said.

For more information on how to become a member of Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama, visit

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