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Study: Alabamians may be leaning toward healthier grilling


Sizzling Trends Unveiled: What's Hot on the Grill in Every State

A staggering 88% of grill masters in the United States favor meats, especially steak for their barbecues. But the latest research finds Americans are diversifying their BBQ menus with a growing interest in seafood and veggies. A popular choice in Alabama is pointing to healthier eating for a State with reputation for obesity and the medical comorbidities that go with it.

According to Statista, beef steak remains the top pick, with 34% of US BBQ enthusiasts choosing it as their go-to on a charcoal grill, followed by hamburgers at 19% and grilled chicken at 18%.

Rib enthusiasts account for 11%, while other grilled delicacies like bratwurst, hot dogs, and pineapple cater to smaller but significant percentages.

Meat Dominates, But Diversity Grows

Meat undoubtedly takes the lion's share of grilling preferences. Burgers come in at 86% and hot dogs at 77% popularity. Sausages, too, secure a respectable 53% preference.

Yet, 50% of consumers enjoy grilling vegetables, showcasing a broader palate. Notably, 27% are also gravitating towards fish and seafood.

New Research Highlights Evolving Tastes

A recent study by the This Old House Reviews Team echoes these findings. Looking into Google Trends data on popular grilling searches, the research presents intriguing shifts. Ribs are gaining traction, as well as searches on how to grill salmon.

Interestingly, hot dogs still dominate the grilling scene in New York and Texas. The South exhibits culinary creativity with a diverse range of top-searched grilling foods, and the Northeast's preference for seafood, particularly lobster, is unmatched.

State-by-State Grilling Tastes


While southern states are often associated with traditional BBQ meat, Alabamians are changing the narrative. The most-searched grilling term this summer was "how to grill squash," indicating a shift towards a healthier and more vegetable-focused BBQ menu.


Taking advantage of the summer season, Alaska's residents showed an inclination towards fruits, mainly focusing on "how to grill pineapple."


Matching a trend in multiple states, Arizonians displayed significant interest in seafood, explicitly looking up "how to grill lobster tails."


Corn remains a favorite in the South, with Arkansas residents primarily searching for the best ways to grill this staple vegetable.


Californians are proving that they enjoy more than just avocados. Grilling tri-tip, a triangular section of beef sirloin, emerged as the top trend in the Golden State.


Colorado also maintained a fondness for grilled corn, making it the most popular search term for BBQ enthusiasts.


The East Coast has a particular affinity for seafood. Lobster tails took the crown as the most grilled item in Connecticut.


Delaware's BBQ fans aimed for perfection in their meat dishes, searching for the best techniques to grill the perfect steak.


Known for its abundant seafood, Florida's choice was no surprise. Grouper emerged as the preferred grilling option, aligning with the state's coastal identity.


Lobster tails made a prominent appearance yet again, with Georgians also showing a keen interest in grilling this luxury seafood.


Veering from traditional choices, Hawaiians were keen on mastering "how to grill eggplant," adding a touch of the exotic to their BBQs.


Staying true to BBQ classics, Idaho residents focused on perfecting the universally loved grilled burger.


Seafood continued its dominance in the Midwest, with Illinois residents showcasing a strong preference for lobster tails on their grills.


Indiana home chefs exhibited a penchant for pork, particularly looking up techniques for grilling the perfect pork chop.


Diverging from meat-heavy options, Iowans displayed a significant interest in "grilled asparagus," hinting at a greener BBQ menu.


Corn remained a timeless favorite in the heartland, with Kansans primarily focusing on classic grilled corn recipes.


Kentucky's BBQ scene featured a sweet touch this summer. Residents showed an inclination towards grilling pineapples, possibly eyeing a refreshing summer dessert.


Taking a traditional approach with a twist, Louisianans preferred grilling corn with the husk on, preserving the vegetable's natural sweetness.


With its rich fishing heritage, it was no surprise that "how to grill salmon" emerged as the top search in Maine.


Maryland BBQ enthusiasts opted for tuna steaks on their grills.


The Northeastern state showcased its love for swordfish, making it the most preferred grilled item in Massachusetts.


Staying rooted in traditional favorites, Michigan residents showed a clear interest in grilling brats, giving hotdogs a run for their money.


Once again, corn proved a national favorite, with Minnesotans seeking the best methods to grill corn on the cob. Some even experimented with exciting variations like Grilled Corn with Coconut Curry Butter.


Quality meat grilling remains a preference in Mississippi. Most grill enthusiasts in the state were looking for the ideal methods to grill steaks, with many exploring advanced techniques for perfect seasoning and grilling times.


Mirroring a trend seen in various states, Missouri displayed an apparent affinity for grilling corn on the cob, ensuring it remains a summer staple.


In a delightful deviation from meat-heavy options, Montana residents searched most for "how to grill pineapple," emphasizing the state's evolving culinary tastes.


Chicken remains an all-time favorite in Nebraska. The specific interest was grilling a juicy chicken breast, proving that classics still have a firm place in the grilling scene.


Nevada's grilling community showed a particular interest in tri-tip, elevating their BBQ game by exploring various methods to perfect this beef cut.

New Hampshire

The Northeast's love for seafood persisted, with New Hampshire residents showing a marked preference for grilling swordfish, ensuring it remains a summer delicacy.

New Jersey

Elevating their BBQ menus, New Jersey grill enthusiasts showed a penchant for the luxurious filet mignon, a tender and upscale steak cut that demands perfection.

New Mexico

Chicken thighs, known for their flavor, emerged as the top choice in New Mexico. Residents predominantly searched for "how to grill chicken thighs," indicating a move towards more flavorful meat cuts.

New York

New Yorkers, ever the trendsetters, have made grilled clams their choice for the summer, offering a delightful mix of sea flavor and smoky aroma.

North Carolina

Mahi mahi was North Carolina's star grilling option. Residents showed keen interest in grilling this flaky fish steak, infusing coastal flavors into their summer menus.

North Dakota

Health and taste merged seamlessly in North Dakota, with residents primarily searching for the best ways to grill salmon, an ode to its health benefits.


Ohioans displayed a strong interest in "how to grill crab legs," merging the feel of the coast with heartland grilling techniques.


Staying true to hearty BBQ traditions, Oklahoma focused on grilling baby back ribs on their smoker grills, ensuring a meaty and flavorful dish remains central to their BBQ menus.


The Pacific Northwest's love for tri-tip was evident, with Oregonians searching predominantly for this beef delicacy.


Matching the upscale preferences of their neighbors in New Jersey, Pennsylvanians also leaned towards grilling the sophisticated filet mignon.

Rhode Island

In line with its coastal neighbors, Rhode Island's top grilling query was swordfish, further solidifying the Northeast's seafood grilling trend.

South Carolina

Contrary to its name, South Carolina's most-searched grilling term wasn't for a fish but for the ever-popular burger, proving that this classic remains unbeatable in some states.

South Dakota

The national love affair with corn persisted in South Dakota. Residents primarily looked for methods to grill corn on the cob, exploring various techniques and flavors.


Tennessee's top grilling search revolved around perfecting grilled zucchini, offering a fresh and healthy twist to summer menus.


In a departure from their famed beef briskets, Texans showcased a strong affinity for lobster tails, merging luxury with traditional grilling techniques.


Steak remained king in Utah, with most BBQ enthusiasts searching for the ultimate steak grilling methods, reaffirming its place as a BBQ staple.


Salmon emerged as the top choice for Vermont residents, ensuring the state's grilling scene included a mix of health and flavor.


Virginians preferred grilled tuna steaks, adding flavorful seafood to their summer menus. Prakash, from Dividend Power, who lives in Virginia, says, "I like to grill fish, like salmon, rockfish, or branzino; using a cedar plank with just salt and paper on a charcoal grill gives a nice taste."


Staying true to its coastal identity, Washington's top grilling query was centered around oysters, a classic delicacy in the state.

West Virginia

Rooted in tradition, West Virginia residents predominantly focused on mastering the classic grilled burger, emphasizing the timeless appeal of this favorite.


Chicken breasts took center stage in Wisconsin's grilling scene, with residents keen on mastering this popular meat cut to perfection.


In line with various states, Wyoming maintained a clear preference for the beloved corn on the cob, ensuring it remains a BBQ essential.

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