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Black Friday all month long in Alabama?


Alabamians may be shopping a little less over the holiday season this year. The average family in the U.S. will spend about nine hundred dollars between now and the New Year. But, the Alabama Retail Association expects slightly fewer trips to mall or the internet over November and December. Communications Director Nancy Dennis says the lingering impact of COVID-19 means holiday shoppers in Alabama are buying as early as August…

“So far this year has been like 5.5%,” said Dennis. “So we're expecting that continues to be growing, but we've been growing at a slower rate. And so we're projecting that it'll be about 4%.”

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been considered the “starting gun” for the holiday shopping season with lots of bargains and heavy buying by the public. Dennis says that trend of early shopping is also expected to impact the amount of business expected on Black Friday later this month…

“The stores have begun doing earlier and earlier sales. And so you'll probably see Black Friday like sales every Friday in November, with the culmination on Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving,” she said.

The Alabama Retail Association is also spreading the word on buying local. That generates dollars and tax revenue which benefit Alabama communities.

“When you are out shopping for the holiday season, don't forget your local retailers and you're going to be able to get better service, more personalized service. And when you spend your dollars locally, that money comes back into your community,” said Dennis. “And so, that’s what makes your community unique is your local retailers and your local restaurants. And so, supporting them in this part of the holiday season. It’s just a good idea for your whole community.”

Pat Duggins is news director for Alabama Public Radio.
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