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Today is the Deadline to file Taxes in Alabama


As springtime approaches, another date on the calendar is on the minds of Alabamians this season— the tax deadline. Today is the last day residents in Alabama are eligible to file their taxes, unless they file an extension.

Whether the deadline brings filing-anxiety or excitement for a refund, all Alabamians should have their forms in order, and make sure they are prepared to file. The traditional deadline for individuals to file is April 15. Taxpayers can file for an extension that pushes that due date to mid-October.

Mark Baker is a principal with Jackson Thornton CPAs. He is an expert on taxes and shared some tips for filers. He recommends filing electronically if possible.

“Anything that you file via paper is going to take significantly longer than it would if you filed electronically. So whenever possible file electronically,” Baker said.

If filing traditionally, Baker said there are some precautions filers should take into consideration.

“If you do have to file by paper, we recommend that you mail your return certified return receipt and keep record of all of the mailings of your returns, so that you have substantiation that you did file,” Baker said.

When information is changing hands, it is especially important that the method used to share sensitive material is secure.

“Make sure that it especially if it has individually identifiable information, like your social security number or your birthday, make sure that you're not just sending that unsecured to your tax preparer. Make sure that you're using a secure method. If you're not certain ask your preparer,” Baker said.

According to Baker, one of the most important things to keep in mind when filing taxes is security. Making sure sensitive information is in the right hands is an essential part of staying protected from scams and keeping information secure. Baker said using widely known tax services such as Turbo Tax and the IRS software is a good idea to keep information protected. When filing via a hired professional, it is best to make sure this person is qualified and trustworthy.

“If you're if you're paying someone to do your taxes, make sure you know who that person is and get recommendations and referrals and just make sure that you're using a qualified preparer to prepare it on your behalf,” Baker said.

For first time filers, Baker said filing taxes isn’t as scary as it may seem and can be a beneficial skill to learn for the future.

“I know it's a shock when you have to start filing if you've never had to do it yourself,” Baker said, “but it's a good exercise because it really informs you and you learn more about how you're taxed, which is something we all need to understand.”

Today’s deadline may fill filers with fear, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, take these tips to heart, gather the necessary information and conquer taxes!


Caroline Karrh is a student intern in the Alabama Public Radio newsroom. She majors in News Media and Communication Studies at The University of Alabama. She loves to read, write and report. When she is not in the newsroom, Caroline enjoys spending time with her friends and family, reading romance novels and coaching soccer.

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