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Cam Marston

Host, Keepin' It Real

Cam Marston is the self-described genius behind the twice Fridays Keepin’ It Real, now in its fourth year on Alabama Public Radio. Described as “observations of the world as it goes on around me,” Cam’s commentaries have gained a loyal following on APR. A native of Mobile, Cam and his wife are the proud parents of three great children out of a total of four with one child rotating out of the “good” category at any given moment. His wife, Lisa, is a high school volleyball coach.

  • Cam’s phone has been ringing. It’s a lot of his small business friends, and they’re experiencing similar things. They’re feeling pressure. They’re feeling squeezed.
  • Mardi Gras ended on Tuesday for Cam. Immediately after Mardi Gras is Lent, and Cam struggles with what sacrifices he should make.
  • On this week's Keepin' It Real, Mardi Gras is swiftly approaching, and Cam Marston has some thoughts about how his Dry January progress is going to effect the event.
  • What do you call it when your certain plans are suddenly upended or changed with no warning? You call it a God-Stop, and Cam shares his experience with them.
  • Cam spent Monday evening at a big party of a small group of twenty-one year olds. To say the least, times have changed. Here’s what he saw.
  • In this week's edition of Keepin It Real, Cam introduces us to Chuck and Chas. They live inside him, he says, and are frequently at odds with one another.
  • On this week's Keepin' It Real, Cam Marston survived the storms from earlier this week. But his daughter? It was close....
  • On this week’s Keepin’ It Real, Cam sat quietly and watched a conversation in his kitchen on New Year’s Eve that, he says, was a refreshing change.
  • On this week’s Keepin’ It Real, Cam offers us some insight into what happens regularly on the longest day of the year.
  • In this week's Keepin' It Real commentary, Cam Marston relays the feeling of frustration that his manufacturing clients are feeling trying to find new employees to do the work.