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New UA President sets goals

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University of Alabama

The new president of the University of Alabama is settling in. Dr. Guy Bailey officially took over as leader of the Tuscaloosa campus. Bigger enrollment and more research are just two of his goals. Dr. Bailey says the University’s engineering and science departments may soon be the focus of greater research. The new president adds that the liberal arts could shine as well… “We’ve always had a great creative writing program here." says Bailey. "The English program is good…after all, it produced me! I’ll look for areas of strength and assess that over the next few months.” Bailey received a Masters from Alabama in 1974.

University student president Matt Calderone says Dr. Bailey is a strong student recruiter like his predecessor, Dr. Robert Witt…but he also expects the new president to be different… “I think because of the leadership that Witt brought, and how far he brought the university, that Dr. Bailey will be able to concentrate more on students and have physical presence on campus,” says Calderone. Dr. Bailey also ended speculation by confirming that he will live in the president’s mansion… “We live on the third floor. and the third floor is very comfortable. It was made into a modern apartment, and so it’s a great place to live.It’s great to be in the center of the campus, and to get to see all the activity, so we like it there very much.”

Dr. Bailey will also be hosting his first president’s reception this Saturday before the football game between Alabama and Western Kentucky. He also hopes to spend time down the “quad,” mingling with new students and perhaps some alums from his days studying English in Tuscaloosa.

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