2015 Hero Dog Award Winner

Oct 31, 2015

2015 Hero Dog Award Winner - Harley!
Credit Facebook - HarleyFreightTrainTaylor

No animal should have to endure what Harley went through for ten years in a puppy mill.  Despite the harsh treatment he received, he is a happy, friendly and loving dog.   And now he has been recognized as a hero!

Several months ago I highlighted the eight finalists for the 2015 Hero Dog Award, sponsored by the American Humane Association. “Axel” was nominated as a Service Dog, “Harley (the Puppy Mill Dog)” represented the Emerging Hero Dog category, “Glory” is an Arson Dog, “Dax” represented Law Enforcement Dogs, the Military Dog is a Marine veteran named Rambo; a Pit Bull-mix known as “Hudson the Railroad Puppy” is a Therapy Dog; “Chara” is a Hearing Dog; and another dog named Glory represented Search and Rescue Dogs.

Last night the Hallmark Channel broadcast the star-studded awards ceremony to announce the winner of the Hero Dog Award for 2015. And the winner is – “Harley”, the Emerging Hero Dog!

Harley spent ten years confined in a small cage at a puppy mill. In addition to other physical problems, he lost an eye when his cage was power-washed with him still in it. After being rescued in 2011, this little Chihuahua is thriving on lots of love and attention, and serves as a spokesdog for the campaign against puppy mills. His Facebook page is “HarleyFreightTrainTaylor”.

But Harley is not the only hero here. All the finalists are heroes, along with all the dogs that whose owners entered them in the competition, and every animal companion we are fortunate enough to call our best friend.

And tonight is a time us to be heroes for our pets by taking extra care to protect them on Halloween. Keep candy and other treats away from your pet. Some of it may contain Xylitol, an artificial sweetner which is poisonous to dogs. Chocolate in any form (especially dark chocolate) can be toxic to an animal. Even seemingly harmless treats like grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in pets. Also, if possible, keep your pet safely indoors or on a tight leash. Outdoors it may become spooked by all the strange comings and goings.

This Halloween, you can be a hero to your furry friend and keep it safe, so you can both enjoy all the seasons together, when you’re speaking of pets.