2019 Hero Dog Awards - Part 4

Aug 31, 2019

Hero Dog Awards 2019
Credit American Humane Association

The 2019 Hero Dog Awards seek to find and recognize dogs who help people in many important ways. Dogs are nominated in one of seven categories: Shelter Dogs, Emerging Hero Dogs, Law Enforcement/Arson Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Military Dogs, Guide/Hearing Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs.

Gus - Shelter Dog (as he looks today!)
Credit American Humane Association

The Shelter Dog category honors shelter and rescue dogs who are given a new “leash” on life.  A shelter or rescue dog can be nominated for overcoming difficult odds, having a remarkable rescue story or for simply brightening the lives of the people who gave them a second chance to be a first-rate pet!

Gus - just before rescue
Credit Houston K-911 Rescue


Over the past several weeks I have highlighted six of the seven finalists for this year’s Hero Dog Award, sponsored by the American Humane Association. “Alice” was nominated in the Service Dog Category, “K-9 Dax” represents the Law Enforcement/Arson category. “Jeanie” is a Therapy Dog; and “Sgt. Yeager” is a Military Dog. “Leader Dog Lady” is a Guide Dog, and the Search and Rescue Dog is “Piglet”.

The remaining finalist is a young stray dog named Gus, who represents the Shelter Dog category. Gus’s story unfolds like a tragedy. Last August he was found wandering down a city street. His head was so badly swollen it was hard to tell he was a dog. He had been shot with a pellet gun and hit by a car, but it was a shoelace found embedded in his neck that had caused the swelling.

A volunteer with Houston K-911 Rescue managed to trap the wary and wounded dog. Now, after multiple surgeries, excellent care from veterinary specialists, and months of what can only be described as a miraculous recovery, Gus looks amazing. He is healthy, active and has a gentle and affectionate nature. And he is an inspiration to every rescuer, and a reminder to all of us not to look away when you see a stray animal. A drink of water, a bite of food, a gentle touch can mean a lot to a homeless pet.

It was one year ago this week that Gus was rescued from who knows what kind of life. All those who were part of his dramatic transformation are hoping you will celebrate his “rescue-versary” by casting your vote for Gus to be named the 2019 Hero Dog of the year. To keep up with Gus, check out his Facebook page, “Gus’ Journey”.

Learn more about all the wonderful animals nominated for the 2019 Hero Dog Award by visiting the website at HeroDogAwards.org. Cast your vote for the finalist you think should be America’s Hero Dog – but don’t delay because voting ends Monday, September 9th! No matter what role they play in our lives, these four-legged heroes deserve our gratitude, when we’re speaking of pets.