3 new charitable license plates become available

Jul 1, 2019

Credit al.com

July 1 means Alabamians can now buy three new commemorative license plates for charitable causes.

The new plates are for Colon Cancer Awareness, with proceeds going to the nonprofit awareness organization Rumpshaker Inc.; Prostate Cancer Research, with proceeds going to the Mike Slive Foundation; and Thank a Lineman, with proceeds going to the Central Alabama Community Foundation to fund health and education programs.

Jacky Turner is a development assistant with Rumpshaker Inc. She explained the process for obtaining one of the new tags.

“Those folks who did their pre-commitment will receive their tags, but they will also be available to any citizen in the state of Alabama who chooses the colon cancer tag," she said. "They will be able to have their donation come back to Rumpshaker and they’ll receive their license plate for their vehicle.”

The same process applies for the new prostate cancer and lineman tags.

The plates cost an additional $50 on top of the standard license fees. Forty-two of that $50 goes back to the charitable organization.

“We’ll be running two support groups in the state. Then we provide a college scholarship program," Turner said. "That program is available to any high school senior that is going to college, or students who already are in college and who have had a family member diagnosed.”

Four other plates-- Letter Carriers, Choose Life (Support Adoption), Pink Breast Cancer and Jefferson State Community College-- have all been redesigned. The new designs are now available as of July 1.