4 Charged, $12M Sought in Hazing Incident

May 8, 2018

More than a week after a locker room assault was captured on camera in south Alabama, four high school football players have been charged and the school district faces a $12 million demand.

Area news outlets are citing a statement from Mobile police yesterday that says three of the four students suspended by Davidson High School have been taken into custody. Additional information was unavailable as all three are underage.

An April 27 video shows multiple students hitting and jumping on 14-year-old freshman Rodney Kim Jr., causing a broken arm.

Kim's parents announced their intention Monday to seek $12 million from the Mobile County school district and to have the Davidson High School football team forfeit the 2018 season. No formal lawsuit has been filed against the school district yet.

Mobile County Superintendent Martha Peel says she is not aware of any other assaults.

The football team has formally withdrawn from a spring game scheduled for May 18 against Baldwin County High School.