Adopt a Cat Month

Jun 6, 2015

Hi, there! Are you looking for a new friend?
Credit Clara S. [Flickr]

A cat is a relatively easy pet to keep in the house, and one that will be a good companion.  Cats are playful and funny and make great snuggle-buddies!


Occasionally I’ll hear someone say they prefer dogs to cats as pets because cats are all alike, whereas dogs have personality. Whenever I hear that, I know the person speaking has never really gotten to know a cat.

I’ve had a number of cats (and dogs) over the years. And yes, dogs DO have personality, each one different from the other. But so do cats. We had one, a Tortoiseshell who was so intelligent we had to be careful or she would outsmart us – which she did, more than once. We had a gray tabby who was very people-oriented. He would come when he was called. Five years ago we took in a gray and white cat we found in our driveway. He is very laid back and easy-going, and managed to make friends with all the other pets in our house.

The month of June is National Adopt-a-Cat Month, a good time to consider the advantages of having a cat as a pet. One big advantage is the housebreaking issue – with cats, just put out a litter box with fresh litter and you’re done. And no need to work your schedule around letting your pet out. Cats can be very convenient.

Cats make great companions, too. In fact, more than 90% of cat owners admit that they talk to their pets. Cats make good stress relievers – it’s been shown that petting a cat can lower your blood pressure. And when a cat curls up in your lap, you get something extra special – purring.

We learn a lot from cats. They teach us to have fun. They will play with almost anything – a piece of string, a twist-tie, or a bottle cap all make great cat toys. They teach us the importance of staying clean, the art of a good stretch and the value of a nap. They can be comical and graceful and mysterious and affectionate.

More cats and kittens are surrendered to animal shelters during June than during any other month of the year. That makes it the purr-fect time to visit your local shelter or rescue group and adopt one of these amazing creatures. You’ll save a life - and enjoy a lifetime of companionship with your new feline friend - when you’re speaking of pets.