Adopt a Dog Month

Oct 6, 2018

Please let me go home with you!
Credit DodgersMom Photography [Flickr]

Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue group saves that animal's life and changes yours for the better in ways you cannot imagine.  And it will make a space in the shelter to give another dog a chance to find a home!


The month of October is Adopt-a-Dog Month. To help celebrate the occasion, let’s consider the American Humane Association’s list of the Top Ten Reasons To Adopt A Dog from your local animal shelter or animal rescue group.

Number ten on the list - You’ll never have to sweep your kitchen floor again. Reason number nine - Dogs can help you live longer by reducing stress and adding laughter to your life. Whether you just take them for a walk, play fetch, or spend quiet time petting them, a dog in your life can make everyday a better day.

Number eight - Dog kisses make the best alarm clock. Number seven - When you return home, your dog will greet you as if you’re the best thing that happened to it all day! Reason number six – if you have children, having a dog as part of your family will help teach your children about respect for, and kindness toward, animals.

Number five - You’ll always have a best friend and a sympathetic ear. Dogs are great listeners and are always there when you need to lean on them. Number four - You’ll never have to sleep alone and dogs are great for warming up beds on cold winter nights. Number three - Dogs make you look smart. Take time to teach them a few tricks and you’ll be able to impress your friends and family with your training genius.

Reason number two - Dogs are a well-spring of knowledge. They teach their owners a thing or two about loyalty, unconditional love, devotion, obedience, respect, patience, and forgiveness!

And finally, the number one reason for adopting a dog from your local animal shelter is - You can be a hero AND gain a friend for life when you adopt a homeless dog into a loving family.

For centuries, dogs have been our protectors and our friends, making our lives better. Every day of the year, you can find great dogs at your local animal shelter, just waiting for a good home and a loving owner. October is Adopt-A-Dog Month – a great time to remind you to visit an animal shelter or animal rescue group near you and find a friend for life, when you’re speaking of pets.