Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Suspended For The Rest of His Term

Sep 30, 2016

Alabama’s Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has been immediately suspended for the rest of his term without pay. Moore was found guilty of all six charges leveled against him.

Prosecutors said Moore issued an order to the state’s sixty-eight probate judges in January to defy the U.S. Supreme Court ruling declaring same sex marriage legal nationwide. 

Moore was removed from office in 2003 in a dispute over a granite monument of the Ten Commandments. This judicial ethics court did not have the unanimous support necessary to permanently  remove Moore.

Instead they decided to have him suspended for the rest of his term which ends in 2019. After his term though, Moore’s age will disqualify him from running for judge.

The order also states Moore is also taxed with the cost of the proceeding.

The Liberty Counsel is filing an appeal of the decision with the Alabama Supreme Court.