Alabama Department of Public Health dispelling false info found online

Jul 20, 2020


Credit ADHP

Social media has been a breeding ground for coronavirus rumors.

This weekend, the Alabama Department of Public Health sent out a series of Tweets dispelling misinformation that has been circling across the internet recently.

They say many rumors are attributed to issues other states have had with testing quality control. Alabama has not had these problems on a widespread basis, but in March DCH Health System had around 500 sputum-based COVID-19 tests that wound up unreadable.

ADPH included examples of Facebook posts with fake facts about the virus. Some have been shared thousands of times.

They said people can make sure they are staying properly informed by ensuring their information comes from a trusted source. For example, News organizations will often link back to their sources or cite where their information is coming from so readers can do further research if wanted.

The health authority also advised people to only share posts from trusted sources and suggested they encourage others to screen news before sharing it.

Some trusted sources regarding COVID-19 information include:


Spotting false information tips: