Alabama Drops ACT Aspire Test

Jun 22, 2017

The state of Alabama will stop administering the ACT Aspire Test.

The state Board of Education voted unanimously Wednesday not to renew the contract with ACT Aspire. State Superintendent Michael Sentance says there were “several issues” with last year’s iteration of the test. He says receipt of results were delayed, and when the state finally received the results, some of the data was incorrect.

Back in 2014, Alabama began using the ACT Aspire system as the state’s annual reading and math assessment for grades 3 through 8 in public schools. The transition to the new test came with years of disappointing results. At the time, state education officials said it was a more accurate reflection of student achievement levels.

Sentance says schools will be using the GlobalScholar test next year until the state transitions permanently to a new standardized test.