Alabama health officials to clarify who should be tested for Coronavirus

Mar 23, 2020

Alabama now has two hundred and forty two (updated) confirmed cases of the coronavirus. The Alabama Department of Public Health will be holding a meeting on who should be tested for COVID-19. The discussion with healthcare providers may result in adjusting the guidelines for who should undergo a test for the illness. The State changed its process three weeks ago, so any doctor could ask for a test. Dr. Scott Harris is Alabama’s State Health Officer. He says the old system based the testing decision on CDC regulations.

“We still believe in trusting the provider’s judgment," says Harris.  But, we want to make sure they’re screen those patients a little more carefully before they submit test results. We’re going to discuss that with our provider groups and consider adding more guidance on that.”

Alabama’s Health Department and the State’s Hospital Association are currently running seventeen screening sites. That includes two in the Mobile area. That number may increase to twenty five by the end of the week.