Alabama hip hop celebrated in statewide tour

Jul 11, 2019

Alabama fans of hip hop have reason to celebrate. This week marks the 12th annual Hip Hop Week that is being celebrated across the state. The event involves a statewide tour in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery and Mobile.

Hip Hop Week also has an education aspect along with nighttime performances. Organizers are visiting Boys and Girls club with a message of culture, music, empowerment and inspiration. The conversations will also include gun violence and drugs. DJ Dirty Dan Adams is the Director of Opportunity for Entertainers and Performance Arts. He said he wants to connect the dots and to bring the community together.

"It's created all through the unity and culture of hip hop and music. We just want people to understand that we are here for them," he said. "We are policing our own communities and making sure the understand that we are trying to do great things and spread the word and spread the message and education, and networking and making sure we have a power of understanding."

Nightlife performers include Collations DJ of Alabama, Money Train and Young Pharaoh. Each city brings in local artists and performers. Hip Hop Week is leading up next week's MOB Music Festival in Mobile that has all genres of music.