Alabama Life - May 7, 2006

May 7, 2006

Podcasting Alabama Life and other programs from Alabama Public Radio; a bit of linguistic analysis from the Storyteller Kathryn Tucker Windham. Have you heard of ALL those old sayings? I'll bet you haven't!

On this episode of Alabama Life, we replayed two stories first heard on NPR. We cannot include them in the podcast or web version, but you can follow the links below to hear more about them. Click the MP3 link above to hear the podcast version of Alabama Life.

Small Paper Uses Profits to Train New Reporters All Things Considered, May 2, 2006 ? At many newspapers, the top priority is how best to prop up revenues. But the family that owns The Anniston Star in Alabama is quietly planning to devote the paper's profits to training new generations of reporters.
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Podcasts, Part of Higher-Tech Education
All Things Considered, April 15, 2006 ? In some college classrooms, podcasts are being used to supplement classwork. NPR's Debbie Elliot spoke with University of Alabama journalism professor George Daniels about new classroom technology.
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