Alabama Senator doesn't think he should resign after DUI, Heat Advisory

Jul 21, 2015

The Chairman of Alabama’s Senate Judiciary Committee says a drunken driving charge shouldn’t cost him his job.

State Senator Cam Ward says drinking alcohol and driving was a Huge mistake on his part.

The Alabaster Republican doesn’t believe he should quit either his senate seat or his industrial job with the city.  The reason is, Ward says he wasn’t working when he was stopped by police.

A Senate leader said earlier that he doesn't plan to strip Ward of the committee chairmanship.

Ward is awaiting an Aug 12 trial date.

Pope Francis is hosting dozens of the world’s mayors for a two-day conference on climate change and human slavery. APR’s Alex AuBuchon reports Birmingham Mayor William Bell is a delegate...

Mayor William Bell of Birmingham spoke to 60 of his fellow mayors from around the world earlier today at the Vatican.

The delegation is discussing resolutions to combat climate change as well as human trafficking and slavery, a personal issue for Bell.

Bell told delegates he was born into a close cousin of slavery called segregation. He said it was designed to exploit individuals based on race alone, and to exploit them for cheap labor. Bell says he’s pleased to heed Pope Francis’s call for an end to all forms of modern-day slavery.

The delegation of mayors is also working on climate change resolutions ahead of an international summit on climate change in December in Paris.

Heat advisories continue throughout central and southern Alabama today.    The city of Alabaster is providing cooling stations as temperatures continue to rise throughout the state. Free bottles of water, misting fans and shade are provided at the stations.

Mayor Marty Handlon says she has received very positive feedback since installing the cooling stations last weekend.

The most important thing is making sure our residents are able to enjoy the quality of life that they have in their community, so I feel like it is important to have that safety net of hydrating and cooling off in the shade.”

Cooling stations are located at several parks including Veterans Park, Municipal Park, Buck Creek Park, and Abbey Wooley Park.