Alabama's playoff hopes cloudy following LSU loss

Nov 10, 2019

The Alabama Crimson Tide's path to the playoffs appears uncertain following Saturday’s forty six to forty one loss to LSU. President Trump and the first lady watched the game from a skybox on the thirty five yard line. They witnessed what head coach Nick Saban called the worst first half for the Tide this season with blown coverage and dropped balls by quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and kicker Ty Perine. Alabama Wide Receiver Henry Ruggs says having Trump in stands wasn’t a distraction in the Tide’s loss to LSU.

“We don’t focus on that," said Ruggs. "We’re a football team, so all we focus on is football. The outside things are just that, just outside things. Of course, everything was saying that. That, has nothing to do with us.”

Saban praised quarterback Tua Tagovailoa who was recovering from ankle surgery.

“I think he was warrior in terms of what he did," says Saban. "I think probably missing the practice that he missed over the last couple of weeks, he might not have been quite as sharp as normal. But, I think he did a good job in the game, and I was proud how he competed in the game.”

President Trump’s visit to Tuscaloosa wasn’t without incident. A go-fund me site generated money for a balloon resembling Trump in a diaper. It was set up just blocks from the stadium. The balloon was slashed by a passerby who was later arrested.