Anonymous person spends $1,200 at Rama Jama's for stadium construction workers

Apr 22, 2020


Credit WVUA 23

An anonymous person spent $1,200 for the construction workers at Bryant-Denny Stadium to eat at Rama Jama's.

Michael Hebron, the owner of Rama Jama’s, said he received a text first from an unknown number. He later spoke with the person who said they wanted to do this for those essential workers who are on the frontlines. And, it was definitely appreciated.

“It makes them feel good, I think they feel good about it, that their efforts are going noticed,” Hebron said. “You know, it’s not just somebody slinging steel and concrete – people actually care and that’s the thing that amazes me is how much people care. Even here, some people will buy $10 worth of food and give a $50 bill to the wait staff, you know, the people working the windows and the cashiers, because they know things are tough, which is very heartwarming to me.”

Those construction workers at Bryant-Denny took full advantage of the generosity and went back to work will full stomachs.