APR News Team

Jul 17, 2012

In Tuscaloosa this morning we awoke to horrible news.  You've probably all heard by now that there was a shooting here that left 17 people injured.  Of course, we were all asking ourselves a lot of questions.  Your APR News team was busy asking those questions of other people.

They immediately went to work.  It amazes me how these people can instantly jump into action.  They do not seem to stop to think - they just "do."  They choose to stop and react personally later.  I saw the same thing in April 2011 when a huge tornado brought horrible destruction to Tuscaloosa.  Believe me, it isn’t because they do not have personal reactions.  They just put them on hold so they can bring Alabama Public Radio listeners news and information.

Pat Duggins, Maggie Martin, Ryan Vasquez and Stan Ingold along with our student interns have been working all day to bring you the truth of the story.  Not a sensationalized version to raise ratings, but a calm, rational, clear telling of the facts.  And for those efforts you get quality reports like this

Thanks to the APR News team.  I for one appreciate all you do.