Auditor files new lawsuit over Gulf State Park hotel, Alzheimer's conference in Decatur

Jul 26, 2016

The state auditor has re-filed a lawsuit against Gov. Robert Bentley's effort to build a hotel and conference center at Gulf State Park.

Auditor Jim Zeigler and state Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow, both frequent critics of the governor, filed the lawsuit today in Montgomery court. The filing comes four days after a judge dismissed a similar suit filed by the former conservation director for lack of standing.

The lawsuit challenges the state's use of oil spill funds on the project.

This is the second lawsuit Zeigler has filed within a week against Bentley's administration.

Last week he filed a lawsuit to try to void the contract for the state's accounting software.

The heat is rising and Alabama is making sure it isn’t from fires.

The Alabama State Fire Marshal’s Office is holding a fire safety summit today and tomorrow in Tuscaloosa. The event is expected to attract one hundred people who want to learn more about fire prevention.

Steven Holmes is with the Fire Marshal’s office. He hopes this summit will help lower the number of fire related deaths across…

“Last year we lost 97 people to house fires in the state of Alabama, we’ve already reached a figure of 56 people dead in house fires. All 56 live could have been saved all just by better choices so turn your attention to fire prevention is what we hope they take away from this event.”

Holmes says the event is open to the public but will be focused on showing firefighters the proper way to respond to the call to an unexpected fire.

A north Alabama organization is showing caregivers a better way to take care of those battling Alzheimer’s disease.  The 14th annual Lucy & John Caddell Alzheimer's Conference is being held today and tomorrow in Decatur.

Angie Spiegel is the Alzheimer’s Assistant for the Morgan County Health Association. She says this event is made for all people want to learn more about the disease and better help prevent accidents in the future.

“This is a conference we try to present every year to inform people on updates on Alzheimer's. We try to get a doctor’s perspective on it every year. Teepa Snow is going to be speaking for most of our conference. She is just tremendous in how deals with people living with Alzheimer's.”

Spiegel says they expect over 200 people to attend the conference and that they will have an overflow for the first time since the conference began.