The "battle of the bulge" in the South

Sep 15, 2019

The Deep South states of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi are among nine states where at least one third of adults are obese. Those findings are included in a national report by the nonpartisan Trust for America's Health. The group focuses on the health problems associated with obesity. Mississippi tied with West Virginia in 2018 for highest level of adult obesity in the nation at 40%. Louisiana ranked fourth with nearly 37% of adults obese. Alabama was in sixth place, with just over 36% for its adult obesity rate. Other U.S. states with adult obesity rates topping 35% include Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri and North Dakota. Nationwide, 31% of adults are obese. Colorado's rate is lowest, at 23%. The numbers are rising nationally. The report says in 2012, no state had an adult obesity rate above 35%.