Bentley on BP Settlement, Dogs rescued from Lawrence Shelter

Jul 3, 2015

Alabama lawmakers looking for funds to fix the state's cash-strapped general fund might have to thank BP. APR's Stan Ingold has more...

Governor Robert Bentley and Attorney General Luther Strange announced a 2.3 billion dollar settlement that will be paid to the state over the next 18 years.

About one billion dollars will be dispersed over 18 years to state's general fund. The other 1.3 billion dollars from the settlement will be used for environmental restoration over a 15-year period. The other

Bentley says the settlement will help but not completely fix the state's $200 million shortfall for the 2016 fiscal year. He said only a fraction of the settlement for the general fund will be available each year, a little more than $55 million.

Bentley says he still plans to call lawmakers for a special legislative session later this summer.

Animals are being removed from the Rescue Animal Shelter of Lawrence County after dead dogs were found there earlier this week.

ASPCA spokeswoman Anita Edson says animals are being taken from the facility in Moulton to the ASPCA's emergency shelter in the county.

Animal welfare agencies and Moulton police were investigating accusations of animal abuse at the shelter when they found numerous dead dogs there Tuesday.

Investigators say they found animal bowls that contained green water and dog kennels with dried feces.  Bobbie Taylor, the shelter's director, has denied claims of abuse. She says the animals usually come to the shelter in poor condition.

Thousands of people will be on the road through Alabama this weekend for Fourth of July celebrations. An estimated forty two million people will be traveling fifty miles or more during the holiday weekend.

Triple-A Alabama spokesman Clay Ingram says residents should expect an increase in traffic and should plan their trips accordingly.
“If at all possible, get your car checked out before you hit the road by a certified  technician because they can spot some potential problems before they become major problems. Things like belts, hoses, tires and fluid levels can be very easily repaired and prevent you from spending the holiday on the side of the road somewhere.”
Ingram says water destinations and the national parks will be popular destinations so plan accordingly and give yourself plenty of time to arrive. Safe driving will be essential during this holiday weekend.