Bentley's lottery amendment would send money to general fund, Tax-Free weekend in Alabama

Aug 5, 2016

Governor Robert Bentley’s proposed constitutional amendment authorizing a state lottery would send proceeds from ticket sales to the state's general fund.

The proposal says any proceeds from the lottery after expenses and prizes would go to the general fund for "ordinary expenses of the executive, legislative and judicial departments of the state."

Some have said the money should be directed specifically toward education.

Bentley's proposal also establishes a seven-member lottery commission with members appointed by the governor and confirmed by the senate.

The governor projects a lottery would raise $225 million annually. If lawmakers approve the legislation in the special session, it could be on the November ballot.

He's called a special session beginning on Aug. 15 to address the proposal.

Alabama is kicking off the 11th annual back-to-school sales tax holiday today. The state and two hundred and ninety-three cities and counties, will waive their sales tax for the whole weekend.

Nancy Dennis is the Director of public relations for the Alabama Retail Association. She says the tax holiday brings in a lot of shoppers to Alabama businesses.

“Back to school shopping, behind holiday sales in November and December, is probably the biggest shopping time of the year. Alabamians should spend close to 4.5 billion dollars in the whole month of August, but specifically on back to school shopping, we project they’re going to spend about 1.14 billion dollars.”

The tax cuts will include items like clothing, school supplies, books and computers. The back to school sales take holiday runs through the weekend and ends midnight on Sunday night.

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources will be issuing new regulations this fall for hunters.

Game Checking will now be mandated in order to more accurately account for wildlife game being hunted as well as extending the hunting season to February the 10th.

Director of Wildlife and Fresh Water Fisheries Chuck Sykes says extending the season will help landowners manage their properties they hunt on…

“It gives them ten more days to hunt, I mean it’s putting the option to manage their property the way they say fit in the hands of landowners and hunting clubs. They don’t have to hunt to February the 10th if they don’t want too, were giving them a framework and they can choose to hunt however they want too.”

Sykes encourages all who participate in outdoor gaming to log on to Alabama’s conservation website and check out the game check seminars if you have any questions.