Best Documentary-- Winds of Change

Jan 23, 2013

One year after an EF-4 tornado struck Tuscaloosa, the community is still recovering. The Alabama Public Radio news team followed survivors and local officials in the months after the storm to investigate the aftermath. The result is the documentary “Winds of Change.” Some residents are still in temporary housing or are in the process of rebuilding. APR news director Pat Duggins and reporters Ryan Vasquez, Maggie Martin, and Stan Ingold look at topics ranging from the moments after the storm hit, to the recovery process through the eyes of Steve Miller, one of the first residents APR contacted after the tornado. We also re-visited the Tuscaloosa neighborhood of Alberta, the hard hit town of Phil Campbell, and look at the mental health impact on residents who jump at the first clap of thunder. Finally, we travel to the Greensburg, Kansas which was nearly wiped out by an EF-5 tornado in 2007. It became a laboratory for post-disaster city planning, which Tuscaloosa may emulate as it rebuilds.