Birmingham City Council Extends Citywide Mask Order

Apr 7, 2021

The Birmingham City Council has approved a citywide mask ordinance that will extend through May 24th.  This goes beyond Governor Kay Ivey’s order which is set to expire on Friday. Crystal Smitherman is on the Birmingham City Council. She said there was some pushback from the small business community. 

Birmingham City Council

“I think that is due in part to instances around the country where people have been very violent and aggressive towards store owners for making them wear a mask.” 

Smitherman ultimately feels that citizens will follow the rules. 

“At the end of the day, the masks do help with the COVID numbers. It’s protecting people. I think people are really more concerned about other people, having their personal responsibility when it comes to mask wearing.”  

Mayor Randall Woodfin says the Birmingham Police Department will not actively enforce the mask-wearing. The council has until May 18 to evaluate whether it should be amended or repealed before it lapses. The vote was passed with only one “No” vote.