Bond Issue Approved For Alabama Schools

May 20, 2013

Murphy High School is one of the many tornado-damaged schools that the bond issue will help.
Credit G.M. Andrews/AP Photo

The Alabama Legislature has approved selling bonds to borrow $30 million to repair tornado-damaged schools.

The Senate voted 26-6 Monday afternoon to give final passage to the bond legislation. The bill now goes to the governor for his review.

The bill provides $15 million for Mobile's Murphy High School, which was damaged by a tornado on Christmas Day. There is also money for five other schools damaged by tornadoes on April 27, 2011. Three schools in the Tuscaloosa area will benefit, with $3 million for Alberta City Elementary and $2.5 million each for University Place Elementary and Holt Elementary. Phil Campbell High School will receive $6.4 million and Plainview High School $604,000.

Four other bond issues are awaiting a vote on the Legislature's last meeting day.