Change a Pet's Life Day

Jan 20, 2018

It can get mighty lonely living in a cage.
Credit Kerri Lee Smith [Flickr]

Shelter workers and rescue groups make a major difference for animals every day.  Folks who make contributions  or volunteer allow them to continue helping pets.  Pitch in today to change the life of pets - you may find your own life has changed for the better, too!


This Wednesday is National Change a Pet’s Life Day. It was created to encourage people to adopt shelter pets and to raise awareness about homeless animals. So one way to participate and dramatically change a pet’s life would be to adopt a dog or cat from your local shelter. If you’re not sure about adopting, consider fostering a pet, giving it a temporary home until space is available at the shelter.

You can change a lot of pet’s lives by donating. If you are making a monetary contribution, you might have the option of sponsoring a particular animal for adoption, or helping to fund medical care for a pet. Also check your local shelter to see what they need – food, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies. Donations are one way many shelters keep their doors open.

You can change pets’ lives by volunteering your time at your local shelter. Playing with puppies and kitties helps to socialize them so they will make better pets. Taking a dog for a walk and giving it a little individual attention can really improve its chances for adoption.

The emphasis for this event is on changing a pet’s life, but what about the ways they change our lives? If we let them, they become part of our family. A pet is great for keeping us company, for working their way into our hearts and showing us unconditional love. They greet us when we come home, purring (if it’s a cat) or wagging the tail (if a dog), glad to see us no matter what kind of day it has been.

Pets reduce our stress. Folks who suffer with depression feel better with a pet around. Studies have shown that just stroking a dog or cat lowers a human’s blood pressure. So this Wednesday, you could celebrate National Change a Pet’s Life Day by doing something extra-special for your own furry buddy.

And if you have room in your heart and in your life, visit your local shelter this week and adopt a homeless pet. Giving one animal a home may not change the world, but it will change your new best friend’s world forever, when you’re speaking of pets.