Christmas Gifts for Pets

Dec 14, 2019

Are all those gifts for us?

When telling someone about their family, many pet owners include their furry friend.  So it's not surprising that as pet owners shop for Christmas gifts, they are also looking for something to give their four-footed family member.


According to one survey, ninety-five percent of pet owners will buy holiday gifts for their pets. Some folks hang stockings for their furry buddies right next to their own. Others may put wrapped gifts under the tree for their four-legged friends. The average owner is expected to spend almost forty dollars per pet for Christmas presents.

So what makes a good gift for your favorite pet?

In addition to treats, catnip is always nice for a feline friend - although keeping it a secret is not easy because a cat’s nose can sniff out that delectable scent even through the wrappings. One toy that seems to be a universal favorite with cats is a laser light. Just be careful not to shine it directly into the animal’s eyes.

Chew toys are popular for dogs, and they come in all sizes. A friend of mine has a very large dog; rumor has it that he’s going to get an extra-large rubber chew toy designed especially for power-chew-ers, with a cavity to insert treats to make it more enticing for the pet (in hopes he will leave the furniture alone). You can even find Christmas cards for dogs, made of edible rawhide and pet safe, non-toxic ink, complete with an envelope for mailing (extra postage required).

This year you might be thinking about going high-tech on a gift for your pet – perhaps an activity tracker for your furry friend that helps you monitor its location with a combination of Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular technology.

There’s an electronic cube available that not only keeps an eye on your pet, but includes a low-intensity laser pointer. While you’re away you can watch and talk to your dog or cat, and you can play with them, too!

But the best present you can give your pet? What it really wants is time and attention from you. So make your best friend’s Christmas special by spending some quality time together.

Here's wishing you a holiday season filled with friendship, especially when you’re speaking of pets.