DA Henderson Convicted of Perjury

Oct 23, 2017

Former Jefferson County District Attorney Charles Henderson

Jefferson County’s suspended District Attorney has been found guilty of first-degree perjury.

A jury returned that verdict late last week in the trial of suspended District Attorney Charles Todd Henderson. Henderson was accused of giving false testimony in a divorce case from last year in which he served as guardian for the divorcing couple’s child. The woman in the divorce case, Yareima Akl, worked on Henderson’s campaign for District Attorney. The two later married. However, Henderson claimed multiple times under oath during the divorce proceeding that the two were not romantically involved.

After his felony conviction, Henderson loses his elected position as District Attorney. Assistant Jefferson County DA Danny Carr has been serving in Henderson’s place. Governor Kay Ivey will now appoint someone to fill that role.

A judge says he will set a sentencing date for Henderson soon.